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With reliance to the countless ethereality of God, and with a firm will and purposes of Import , export and technological distribution of veterinary drugs, and observance of Standard conditions and obtaining ecessary permits from Iran veterinary organization, Behbood Dam Drug Co of Yazd company started its activity from 1386(2007), so that in these years of activity it has taken effective steps for resolution of veterinary drugstore demands and then livestock units in Yazd province.This company is proud that espite being toddler, has appropriate position among other Pharmaceutical Distribution Companies thanks to xperienced colleagues in this arena, The extent and diversity of drug basket, high speed and timely distribution of medicines and taking the provincial agencies of supreme companies of drug production and possessing equipped stores and suitable vehicles to carry drugs.

The manager and staffs of this company always monitor all the steps of preservation and distribution of drug items carefully, and try to attract customer's satisfaction by maintaining and promoting the
high quality and quantity of services.


As noted before, Yazd Behbood dam Pharmaceutical company at present is active in distribution and mport of drugs and animal and poultry food additives, and distributes livestock and poultry drugs in frame of specialized Distribution of veterinary drug companies products such as Vetaque, kimiapham,rfandaroo, arasbazar, lalook, kimia afagh, sepideh dehdasht pharmaceutical companies and importing companies such as Makian daroo Iranian and parsianpakhsh.
Activity in importation part is divided to poultry food additives that USA AGRAN company products (ncludes: XP hydro enzyme, phytase enzyme, toxin binders) and Dr. batta from Hungray(includes: galizyme(multi enzyme), organic selenium and etc.) Some of this company proceedings about introduction of new drug products to improve the knowledge
of People working in the veterinary field are:

1- Holding educational seminars for the veterinarian colleagues and livestocks and poultry breeders.

2- Verbal and telephonic consultation with active veterinarian colleagues in drugstores and clinics of
Yazd province.


The company founder:

Mr. Hassan Dehghan Veterinary doctor from Tehran veterinary college

Mr.M.T.Mazuji Poultry Nutritionist of Bu-Ali Sina university


Activity in the country veterinary organization as the chief of Yazd veterinary network from 1368 to 1372

Veterinary drugs distributer from year 1374 in Yazd province

Technical Assistant and concessionaire of Dr. dehghan's veterinary drugstore in Yazd city.

Member of the central veterinary system in Yazd province in two periods

Member of Justice Official experts association in Yazd province

(expert in animal husbandry and veterinary field by the membership number of: 1901400204)

Executive manager and Shareholder of Yazd mokammel company


Technical Assistant:

Mrs. Zahra Tahernejad

Veterinary Doctor