Probiotic Endospore Species for Aquatic animal


Aqua-photo contains endospore probiotics (Lactobacillus plantarum and Bacillus subtilis).

Sufficient doses of these probiotics can promote the health of the host alimentary tract , which can ultimately lead to optimal production performance.

The aqua-photo contains phototrophic bacteria, which have been shown to play a role in absorbing carbon dioxide and stabilizing nitrogen.

-With the introduction of aqua-photo bacteria into the aquatic environment, the production of nh4, no2 and other harmful gases is reduced, which improves the quality of water.

Permanent nutrition by aqua-photo increases the amount of beneficial bacteria, and prevents the production of pathogenic bacteria, which ultimately promotes the health of fish.

In addition, it heavily improves digestion and absorption, thus reducing the production of harmful detoxification substances. Hazardous gases such as h2s, no2, nh3, etc. will be eliminated using aqua-photo bacterial replication. Aqua-photo, like chlorella, which produces oxygen, eliminates harmful substances from the eco system, which increases the production of oxygen in the aquatic system.

-Contains spores resistant to heat pellet and extrude to 130 degrees Centigrade.

-Resistant to types antibiotics and coccidio acetates.

Improved ecosystem:

aqua- photo uses pollutants as a source of energy and by propagation in the breeding environment, clears the environment. Zeo planktons are the foundation of the food chain's aquatic ecosystem.

Aqua-photo is considered as a food for zeo planktons and chlorella. Several studies have shown that functional feeds with plant foods and Bacillus strains should be used in shrimp and fish breeding systems. These factors improve the performance of the production system, improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients, reduce water pollution and increase economic efficiency.

COMPOSITION (per 1g)abzi
Bacillus subtilis                      1.0 x 10^7 cfu
Lactobacillus plantarum         1.0 x 10^6 cfu
Clostridium butyricum            1.0 x 10^6 cfu
Rhodopseudomonas capsulata

  • Improve feed intake
  • Restrict harmful microbe&Virus
  • Improve growth rate
  • IImprove metablism and activation
  • Prevent from fatty liver problem
  • Improve the conservation and freshness
  • Prevent from mortality and disease
  • Purify water and sediment

Live feed, MP(moisture pellet) feed : 2~5kg / ton
Water purification : Periodically use 1.5kg / 3.3 ha of farm(2 times week)
1kg, 20kg
Spore type bacteria

Advantages of aquq-photo:

-Improving feed efficiency -Better digestion and less repellency -Prevent the spread of harmful bacteria -Increase the growth rate -Reduction and avoidance of streptococcal infections, Edward disease -Maintaining the quality and purification of water and sediments -Maintaining the health of the digestive tract -Increase metabolism -Increasing the survival power of fish larvae

resistance to a variety of antibiotics and coccidioides

Before Testing 100%
CTC 55ppm97.69%
Florfenicol 150ppm92.42%
Amoxicilin 250ppm92.69%
Colistin 40ppm94.94%
Enramycin 10ppm93.81%
Tiamulin 150ppm93.31%
Sulfamethoxazole 50ppm91.81%
Mabofloxacin 10ppm93.81%
Penicilin 50ppm92.74%
Streptomycin 50ppm93.90%
How to use:

300 to 500 grams per ton of feed,from the post-larval period(week 5) continuously

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