General supplement features of fit horse:

Equiperse brand products looking at the horse breeding infrastructure in iran and using the world`s best knowledge in the fields of  breeding, health, veterinary and horse feeding, design, production and support. use of the latest findings in horse feeding, attention to the deficiency of some minerals and vitamins in feed materials due to the shortage of soil in iran ,attention and application of the latest approaches of clinical veterinary science to prevent the development of metabolic and nutritional diseases one of the unique features of this brand.

EQUIPERSE provides global knowledge with native approaches to growers. formulation of the general supplementation of minerals with the highest bioavailability or organic chelates, pure vitamins from the most prominent brands in Europe, amino acids, probiotics and prebiotics, with the widest variety of species and purity, enzymes with a wide range of functions ,medicinal plant extracts, natural appetitive, stimulants growth, antioxidant and organic and minerals antifungi are formed.


In foal and mare:

It improves the quality of mare's milk and as a result improved growth and increased efficiency of the foal immuny system. due to the migration of micronutrients from mares to foal during lactation, metabolic problems, weakness, and the possibility of poor mares immune system functioning during lactation are high. the use of the fit horser's generic supplementation product ensures the optimum nutrition of micronutrients in the foal and mares.


Beautiful horses

Without being healthy inside, the appearance of a beautiful horse will not be was.

Undoubtedly, the shine of the skin and the health of the hoofs besides the brush of the mane and tail are among the decisive factors for remembering the beauty and horse's dignity.

Recent research has confirmed the importance of proper balancing of vitamins and especially minerals in maintaining the health and radiance of skin and hairs.

The general supplement of fit horse, utilizing 13 vitamins, 12 minerals, and 3 amino acids along other additives will be to make a noticeable difference in external beauty and your horse's inner health.


In horses under intense training and courses:

High energy demands have increased the importance of intermediate materials(coenzymes and catalysts) in this group of horses. many of the vitamins, minerals and additives used in the general fit horse supplement regulate the energy metabolism of nutrients and providing appropriate amounts of these interface materials will improve metabolism and increase access to instantaneous energy and micronutrients. Also the amino acids and minerals used in this product support the optimal functioning of the heart muscle and skeletal muscle.


Jump horses and sport:

Maintaining the limb's health, preventing joint damage, maintaining muscle function properly, increasing animal focus and the health of the nervous system,

Also, increasing available and digestible energy for jumping horses is one of the most important aspects of breeding and feeding horses in this category.the general supplement of fit horse  

The general supplement of fit horse, with the proper content of L-carnitine and magnesium, together with other additives, increase the performance and fast muscle response.

General horse supplement

بسته بندی در دو اندازه 1 کیلوگرمی و 5 کیلوگرمی

probiotics and prebiotics to promote intestinal health and prevent all types of colic

specific formulation with respect to concert and synergistic effects among different nutrients.

support the growth and development of bone plates and improve joint function and tendons

the use of 100% original material and product quality guarantee and quality control guarantee.

materials of medicinal herbs with an emphasis on appetitive and wholesomeness effects, improving metabolism

soothing and soothing materials for horse in conditions of tournament stress, transport, birth or injuries.

contains antioxidants to increase product stability and also natural antioxidants for horse health

-increasing the strength and function of the immune system in the different horse ranks and increasing the rate of improvement in the patient's condition.v

Consumption and maintenance values:

To ensure the best response and the correct use, give the general supplement at least two servings a day with the recommended amounts in combination with the feed of the horses fed.

If you need to consult call with the technical support department and specialists of the company.

After opening the envelope or the bucket used for up to two month.keep In a cool place away from sunlight, moisture and vermin in a ventilated place.

Note that if eat an industrial feed with this product, the total amount of selenium received by the horse will not exceed 3 ppm per day.

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