The role of the metabolic component of complementary infant calves:

 Development of the nervous system, available energy metabolism and dietary glucose



Improving the immune system function and calf's health, increasing  growth

Increased calcium absorption improves the growth and development of bone plates, increasing growth.



: Improve immune system function, increase the growth and development of mucosal tissue

Oxidative anti stress and thermal stress reliever, growth and development of rumen tissue and weight loss from weaning



Central role in the synthesis of proteins and intracellular metabolism, skin and hoofs health

Reduction of ketone bodies in the blood, increased glucose concentration in the blood, the role of glucose synthesis



: Important role in enzymes involved in energy and fat metabolism, increase in growth and decrease the conversion factor

Protein metabolism, effective in the fabrication and development of muscle tissue and improving daily weight gain



Making red blood cells, developing immune system in infant calves

 Synthesis of protein and muscle tissue from amino acids, fat metabolism in infant calves



 Cell growth, cell proliferation, metabolism and energy production of fat

Improve digestion and intestinal absorption of nutrients, increase calf health, Anti diarrhea



 Anti-diarrhea, prevention of deposition of pathogenic factors in the intestine, weight gain and reduction of conversion factor

Prevent absorption and harmful effects of fungi and pathogenic factors in the intestine, increase growth



Effective metabolism of lipids, carbohydrates and proteins, growth stimulants

 Increased liver function and methylation system, increasing available energy


Medicinal Herbs Extract

 Reduce the conversion factor, increase appetite and increase the immune system's efficiency, prevent calf mortality

Improve the metabolism of fatty foods and increase growth



appetizer, enhancing food absorption and increasing feed efficiency

Ability to dissolve in milk and lukewarm water, increased bioavailability of nutrients and improving energy balance


Benefits of consumption:

1- INCREASE FEED CONSUMPTION 2- Improve the growth and development of skeletal and muscular tissue 3- Increased resistance to pneumonia and diarrhea 4- Enhance the function of the immune system 5- Reduced mortality due to diarrhea and disease 6- Reduce the conversion factor and increase profitability 7- Improved metabolism system efficiency 8- Improve bowel function and digestion and absorption coefficient 9- Establishment of beneficial microbial population in the intestines 10- Synergistic nutritional effects with milk

Top Calf Special supplement for infant calves

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Their new studies indicate that factors such as colostrum, energy balance, and nutritional supply during the first eight weeks of life have long-term effects, Which can be easily measured at the very first lactation stage, So that the calf's future health and function can be influenced by the first life events and There is no conception of compensatory mechanisms in this phase, So we need to choose a thorough and intelligent strategy.

A calf with a specific genetic potential for producing milk is born but various factors can affect Length of economic livestock life in the herd So that control of these factors through an effective calf management program during the infancy can be in this direction. One of these important factors can pointed to ensure the correct nutrition accurate and comfortable of micronutrients including vitamins and minerals, and other additives in this period.

 Unfortunately, in the preparation and processing of starter feeds for infant calves, Due to the non compliance of optimal conditions for the pellet machine, such as the vapor pressure, the temperature and conditions of generation and the interaction between the nutrients, the vitamins found in the starter are damaged and destroyed in such a way that they lose health effects and increase the yield of calves. The top calf knowledge based product has the components of an individual development drive, probiotics, prebiotics, multiple enzymes, and a wide range of vitamins needed for developing the immune system and boosting calf function.

This product has been formulated and produced to ensure optimum nutrition and daily nutrition, and additives needed for calves during infancy, as a soluble in milk and water.

Using this product will increase the growth, improve the effectiveness of the immune system, and prevent diarrhea due to weakness of the immune system and intestinal contamination.


25 grams per day for each calf of the infant under 3 months in the form of a mixture in a milk with a lukewarm temperature and in case of need to use in the form of a mixture with the starter, consult with the specialists of the company.

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