-Sorbitol, a washer, a liver cleaner of toxins, a bile system stimulant, and a strong emulsifier, enhances the absorption of soluble vitamins in fats such as a,d,k,e.Anivity improves and stimulates intestinal and hepatic functions, facilitates the digestion of all nutrients, and removes toxins from the body during sensitive periods or during high-energy rations.

Vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine Hydrochloride:

It is effective in gizzard health.Appetitive.fin germination.It plays a role in the metabolism of proteins and cell growth.It is effective in the development and maintenance of lymphoid tissues, and it strengthens the immune system


In the case of heat stress, the addition of betaine to the diet is recommended. Because beta amine, by regulating osmotic pressure, plays an important role in maintaining cellular water and ion balance of cells in the body.The presence of methyl is essential for the synthesis of protein in the body, and it increases growth, decreases the conversion factor and increases the efficiency of the food.Betaine can reduce the risk of developing fatty liver.Betaine, through methyl chains, can provide the methyl required for the synthesis of lecithin. Lecithine increases the transport of fat.Adding betaine to the diet will increase access to choline. Choline is used to build VLDL. VLDL is a type of lipoprotein that acts to remove fat from the liver.Betaine can improve creatine and carnitine production in the liver and muscle.Carnitine is a substance that plays a role in the transfer of long chain acids into mitochondria (conversion of fat into energy). Betaine can increase lipase enzyme activity.

-Betaine can improve the quality of carcasses in two ways, namely, reducing the abdominal cavity and increasing the muscle of the chest:

-It reduces the activities of fat - producing enzymes.Because betaine is methylalogen, in the presence of betaine (a methylating material), more methionine is used to make protein and muscle.

-Effect of betaine on coccidiosis:

-It supports the damaged intestine building and controls the growth of the eimeria's parasite.                     Studies have shown that the simultaneous use of betaine and ionophere coccidio-acetates, such as salinomycin, is far more effective than when betaine or coccidio-acetates are alone added to the diet.Effect of betaine use in laying hens and mothers. Betaine reduces the number of broken eggs and lobules. On the other hand, the number of clean eggs increases due to reduced water repellency and drying of the bed. Betaine has an effect on the reduction of fatty liver syndrome in the maternal hen.

-The effect of using betaine in broiler chicken and turkey:Weight gain of the muscle of the breasts.Effective in thermal stress.Improve bed quality

Poultry types

500 cc per 1,000 liters of drinking water for 4 to 5 consecutive days

Mature cow and horse

10 cc per 100 kg body weight per day for 8 to 10 days

Calf and foal:

2 cc per 10 kg of body weight per day for 4 to 5 days


special supplement for improving liver and poultry digestion


The liver plays a vital role in the digestive process of the poultry. With the special formulation of anivit, the liver can be maintained in optimum conditions and thus ensure the health of the birds. Anivit is soluble and consists of niacin, vitamin b6,betaine, cholin chloride and sorbitol.

Niacin or nicotinic acid or nicotine amide:

This vitamin has any involvement in cellular respiration.In releasing energy, carbohydrates and fats play a role and make their metabolism easier.Niacin plays a major role in glycogen synthesis

Niacine and poultry:

Niacin is a solution in water and its low in broiler chickens leads to the so-called pellagra disease.Bird's natural requirement for niacin is provided from tryptophan. Tryptophan is low in ration cereals And only a little bit of tryptophan is used to make niacin. Therefore, it is necessary to add niacin separately to rations or to be soluble in poultry drinking water in order to prevent fatty liver syndrome and treat it in poultry and improve metabolism.

Cholin chloride:

prevention of prozis disease.Essential in the maintenance of cell membranes.A crucial role in the metabolism and transmission of fats.Due to its vital role in metabolism and transport of fats, choline prevents abnormal fat accumulation in the liver, which is called a fatty liver.the liver of the birds that suffers from a shortage of cholin is too fatty.Choline is involved in the manufacture of acetylcholine, which is responsible for the transmission of neural messages.Choline is necessary for the production of methionine and has a methylating effect.

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