Advantages of Horsilyte:

formulated specifically for racing horses and used during exercise, transportation, heat stress conditions.the syringe is 60cc, and each syringe is equivalent to a dose that result in ease of has a delicious flavor and contains the scent of apples which leads to its palatability.the formula for its electrolytes is completely balanced.the herbal extracts in it strengthening the function of detoxification.the presence of sodium in the product stabilizes the balance of water in the animal's body.the presence of vitamin c and potassium plays a significant role in the muscular activity of the horse.


it is essential to have enough fresh water when using this product. Because using electrolyte alone leads to water absorption from the blood vessels around the intestine and dehydration symptoms get worse, so water consumption along with electrolyte is very important.

The role of sodium:

sodium regulates the amount of total body water.many processes in the brain, the nervous system and muscles are sodium dependent.increasing the sodium concentration in the blood leads to thirst.reducing sodium concentration in the blood reduces urine output.

The role of potassium:

Sufficient levels of potassium are essential for cells function.heart rate setting (a decrease or abnormal increase in potassium leads to cardiac arrhythmias that are fatal in severe cases).Adjust the osmotic pressure of the body.Adjustment of muscle-nervous activity

The role of chloride:

chloride is the most important negative ion in cellular and blood fluids.chlorine helps regulate body fluids.chlorine is usually excreted through urine and sweat.chloride plays a role in the metabolism of energy in the body.Adjustable acid and body base.pulmonary activity depends on the exchange of chlorine ions with bicarbonate during the exchange of oxygen and carbon monoxide.


Take a 60-ml syringe into the animal and give it enough water to the animal


Guaranteed to recover practice horse and racing


Horsilyte supplements electrolytes are the favorite of horses

Electrolytes are a variety of minerals, such as sodium, potassium and chloride, which not only play an important role in dehydration, but also play a vital role in maintaining vital functions of the horse`s body.

When do horses need electrolytes?

-shipping stress       -Heat stress      -intense horse activity       -When the horse is sweating

Lost electrolyte management:

When the horses undergo intense physical training, especially in hot weather conditions, they will sweat and water will lose their electrolytes (the extreme physical activity horse sweats up to 15 liters per hour).water consumption alone can not be a supplier of lost electrolytes and even leads to dilution of the blood, and in these circumstances you can consider electrolyte supplements for the horse. With especial formulation, horsilyte can provide a major part of the various elements, especially essential minerals, for animal restoration. This precise formulation ensures that the imbalance is not exacerbated.

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