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Custom special supplement ROSS 308 chickens

Supplement name

Supplement of breeder chicken ROSS 308 strain


Advantages of use

            1-      Provider of vitamins and required materials of ROSS308 strain

            2-      Improving fertility in the herd

            3-      Increasing chickens in fertility

           4-      Helps to decreasing of metabolic problems in breeding hens

           5-      Improving production efficiency

Starting period: decrease of primary mortalities, appetite restore during brooding period and better formation of internal organs and the immune system, better response to vaccination and better skeletal growth to prevent following skeletal problems.

Growth period: appropriate development of reproductive organs, heart, arteries, liver, lungs, development of skeletal system especially in feet, completion of the hen's body stores for start of production period and continuation of production peak, improvement of production quality such as the amount of egg production, hatching, surviving of chickens and maintenance and continuation of this things. Decreasing sensitivity to infectious disease especially during the beginning of production and resistance to respiratory diseases during bad environmental conditions.

Amount of use

2.5 kg mineral supplement + 2.5 kg vitamin supplement daily in one ton of food

Shelf life

6 months after production date

Maintenance conditions:

Keep in dry and cool place


25 kg pockets




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