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Usable for all types of broiler and laying chiken, dairy and beef cattle and calves.

Product introduction:

      1-    Broad-Spectrum additive
      2-    Natural stimulant of the immune system
      3-    Reducer of diarrhea and bed moisture
      4-    30 years continuous presence in global markets
      5-    Effective in health promotion through presence of diverse herbs
      6-    Contains a variety of lactic acid producer bacteria
      7-    Regulator of intestinal microbial flora
      8-    antimicrobial properties because of isothiocyanate and tannic acid
      9-    Improves feed conversion ratio(FCR) , reduces mortality ,increases growth and flock uniformity
    10-    Prevention of respiratory diseases by presence of two enzymes

Features and consumption rate in poultry:

             Usable in types of broilers and laying chikens

Digestamine consumption in poultry causes:
      1-    Daily weight gain (increases growth)
      2-    Improves FCR
      3-    decreases mortality rate
      4-    Reduces bed moisture and ammonia and improves the environment conditions
      5-    Improves breeding and creates uniformity during the period of breeding
      6-    Improves quality of eggshell and reduces its fragility
      7-    Improves and enhance the performance of egg production
      8-    Reduces the use of antibiotics

Consumption rate:

1 to 2 kilograms per ton of ration for types of poultry

Characteristic and consumption rate in livestocks

Is usable in a variety of dairy cows , cattle and calves.

Digestamine consumption in livestock causes:

     1-    Better functioning of the digestive system and reduces the incidence of acidosis,diarrhea
     2-    Increases appetite and palatability , and suitable taste
     3-    Usability along with starter in industrial dairy calves
     4-    Reduces the use of antibiotics
     5-    Increase daily milk production and annual average production of the herd
     6-    Improves the quality of produced milk ( protein , fat, and other nutrients and reduces somatic cell count(SCC)

Consumption rate:

            2 kg per ton of concentrate or 25 gram per cow per day

Consumption for Aquacultures:

           The consumption for Fisheries and Aquacultures is 1-2 kg per ton of consumed concentrate.


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